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In a desperate attempt to earn money and pay for her mother’s hospital bills, Laura decides to give herself to a rich man named Antonio. But as luck would have it, she fails to save her mother’s life but ends up getting pregnant. She also learns that Antonio is married, adding salt to the wound. Luckily, her long-time friend and persistent suitor, Ishmael, comes to the rescue and offers to take responsibility for her children.

Their deprived but happy family life is shaken when the younger twin Kara, is diagnosed with leukemia. Kara’s sickness takes its toll on the family and all the attention showered on Kara causes a rift between her and Sara her older twin. Their mother Laura has no recourse but to turn to her daughters’ biological father to give Kara a fighting chance to be cured of her illness.

Laura tells Antonio that they have a daughter and after Antonio has proven that Kara is indeed his own flesh and blood, he agrees to help pay for her medical treatment. Antonio gladly welcomes the arrangement since his wife Lucille is unable to bear him a child. However, Laura chooses to keep everything about Sara, Kara’s twin sister, a secret, since they are scared that Antonio might also take her away.

Years pass, yet some things never change. Although Kara is completely healed of her childhood leukemia, she still feels incomplete without the love of her real family. Meanwhile, Sara grows up arrogant and over-ambitious, blinded by her dream of becoming rich and successful.

Kara searches for Sara, Laura, and Ishmael and at the same time, Sara tries her luck and moves to the city to join a major beauty contest. This is where their worlds start to collide. Although happy and exuberant that she has finally reunited with her real family, Kara must still keep their meetings a secret, knowing that it would greatly displease her foster parents.

Wanting to experience the luxuries her sister has been blessed with, Sara forces Kara to swap lives with her even just for a while. Kara reluctantly agrees, feeling guilty for all the years she lived a good life abroad while her family struggled in the Philippines. Things blow out of proportion as soon as they switch places. Sara reveals her true identity to Antonio, and with the truth now out in the open, Antonio confronts Laura, insisting that he has the right to get to know his other daughter. Sara wreaks havoc at Kara’s office, putting her sister’s career in jeopardy, while Kara unintentionally gets closer to Edward, Sara’s boyfriend. This creates tension between the twins, marking the beginning of their sibling rivalry.

Everything falls apart after Edward admits that he’s actually more in love with Kara than Sara as Sara flies into rage and gets revenge by revealing all of their family’s secrets to Lucille. With this, Kara is forced to unravel the web of lies she has been keeping from her, including the truth that Antonio is her biological father. Sara, filled with jealous and anger, makes it her mission to destroy her twin sister’s happiness.

This marks the start of a series of betrayal and deception—a toxic cycle where everyone is out to get revenge and redemption. Twists and turns will not only reveal another side of Kara and Sara but also mold each and every character in the story, making all of them relentless in the end.

Don’t miss the premiere of Doble Kara on 5th September at 8:15pm on TVWAN Life.

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