Friday Fun Night


Everybody loves Fridays and what better and safe thing to do than to be in doors with your family and being entertained by Digicel Play. This week we bring you all things fun about the most loved day of the week – Friday. We have programs to entertain all ages from movies to series that’s action packed and fun filling.

Enjoy your viewing!



DC’s Legends of tomorrow S1

From the creators of The Flash and Arrow comes this super hero team-up unlike anything that’s ever been seen on television before.

Having seen the future, one he will desperately try to prevent from happening, time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter is tasked with assembling a disparate group of both heroes and villains to confront an unstoppable threat — one in which not only is the planet at stake, but all of time itself.

Friday 19th February at 11pm



Project Almanac

A brilliant high school student and his friends uncover blueprints for a mysterious device with limitless potential, inadvertently putting lives in danger.

Friday 19th February at 4:45pm



Vikings S3

The other leaders grapple with the reality of Ragnar’s baptism and the fact that a Christian king would be unthinkable in their pagan world.

Friday 19th February at 11pm




Bad Ink

Dirk and Ruckus do their patriotic duty for Bridgette, a military veteran with a wildly inappropriate tattoo that she has trouble explaining to her kids when they go to the beach.

Friday 19th February at 6:40pm


HBO Family

Shrek the third

When the King falls ill, Shrek has to find and train an heir apparent while Princess Fiona fends off Prince Charming’s advances.

Friday 19th February at 5:50pm



Last Sunday the people of Goroka were entertained by the NRL as Digicel Play and TVWAN brought the NRL to their park. The NRL is only a few days away so if you haven’t had a chance to buy yourself a Play Box you better make your way to a Digicel Store to buy one now!

We will be visiting the beautiful town of Madang tomorrow and we can’t wait to bring the excitement of the NRL to these beautiful people. We’ll be at the Laiwaden Oval at 12 noon so come along! It’s FREE and you don’t have to pay anything to be geared up for the NRL. Just like the NRL in the Park event, you don’t have to pay to watch the NRL on TVWAN Rugby, it’s all FREE!





Arrow is a series taken from the DC Comic Green Arrow. For those who love comics this will be the series for you to watch. It is about a young billionaire by the name of Oliver Queen who goes missing for five years and suddenly returns a changed man. Although he still keeps his care free bachelor lifestyle, he is something else at night. At night Oliver Queen becomes the hooded vigilante fighting criminals and making his city safe. His weapon of choice is a bow and arrow in which he was taught this skill by a man who he regards as his master. Oliver was taught this while he was on an island during his five year hiatus.

Watch Arrow season 4 on Warner TV as Oliver Queen returns with a mysterious agenda and a lethal set of new skills that he uses in a war on crime. Arrow S4 – Thursdays at 11pm on Warner TV. You can also watch the replay on Fridays at 1:50pm.


DC’s Legends of tomorrow – Every Fridays at 11pm

The Flash – Every Thursdays at 11:50pm after Arrow

Gotham – Sundays at 8:30pm

Watch all these comic series on Warner TV on Digicel Play

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