The X Factor


Mason Noise, Contestant Interview

This week’s theme is ‘This is Me’ – what can you tell us about your individual style and the kind of artist you see yourself being?

M: I think the best way to describe my music is international. I’m trying not to have any barriers with it and I want it to be timeless.

Nick said he thinks you’re going to ‘kill it’ this weekend. Can you let us in on any secrets about your performance/song you’ve chosen?

M: Well, the song is very very new and it’s already massive. In fact, this is probably the first live performance that people have seen of it so it should be good that’s all I’m going to say. I’m just going to have fun with it will work out – it should be good. Before I go on stage I just need to try and stay grounded. I’m going to try and stop myself panicking as best I can

You’ve come incredibly far in the competition but you’ve had a bit of flack from X Factor fans about Nick’s decision to bring you back/pick you as a finalist. How are you dealing with it, does it make you more determined?

M: I try as best I can to stay away from the negative side of things and try and keep positive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. My job is to entertain people and hopefully when they see my performance it will be enough to sway them.

How are you finding your fan base, are you beginning to get recognised?

M: Yes I’m getting recognised everywhere but I love it because I think that your supporters are the main thing and they’re who make you. If I can give back to them as much as I can for supporting me then it doesn’t bother me, I love to stay close to them.

How much time have you been putting into rehearsing and how’s is it living in the The X Factor house – are people singing in every room?

M: We’re rehearing every single day. Yes you wake up to people singing, it’s like roosters. We have a strict no singing policy in the boy’s bedroom but apart from that everyone’ like a big family so it’s good. I’m just happy to be here every week, I didn’t think I’d get this far anyway so I’m really pleased. I never ever thing I can win it , I just try and do my best in each performance.


Who are you best mates in the house?

M: Its Che and Sean really, we’re just constantly together so we’re practically joined at the hip.

What’s been your favourite part of the competition so far?

M: I think judges houses really, it was an amazing experience. We were there from the Friday to the Sunday and it was amazing to meet Mark Ronson because he’s a genius and an idol of mine. I’ve always looked up to him as a producer because I started producing before I started singing so to meet him was a dream – then to find out he actually liked me was even more mind blowing. The only thing was, we had to wait a week between judge’s houses and finding out who’d got through. It was such a nerve wracking week especially when you’re doing interviews and photo shoots throughout that week. You’re still doing a lot of work but if you don’t get through it will all just go in the bin pretty much if you get what I mean. It just makes you want it even more because you’re doing so much.

If you could do a duet with anyone who would it be?

M: Probably someone who has a really amazing stage presence so either Kendrik Lamar or Pharell

How is been having Nick as your mentor, is he quite hands on?

M: Nick is probably the most hands on I would say. He’s been like a big brother and he’s been there for us every single step of the way. He’s been coming to our rehearsals, he’s been coming to interviews, he’s been coming to everything really – meeting us and texting us. He’s just incredible!

The X Factor is shown in over 150 countries worldwide, is there a dream destination that you’ve always dreamt of performing at?

M: I’d love to do New York; I’d like to perform in Madison Square.

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