Digicel Play is a television platform for the people of Papua New Guinea. Digicel Play - a world of entertainment from the nation's favourite telecommunications provider, Digicel. Accross 37 of the world's best channels, we have the widest selection of the best Movies, Sports, News and Family Entertainment in the PNG and accross the Pacific

How do I get to see all the DIGICEL PLAY channels?

Well, first up you'll need to buy a Digicel Play Box - available now in all participating Digicel stores across PNG for K225. Then you will need to plug it into your TV and, if you live in an urban area, your existing indoor or outdoor aerial. For more information refer to our installation guide on this website.

What is TVWAN?

TVWAN is the latest Free-To-View, high-definition channel in PNG. But you can only view this channel if you have a Digicel Play Box.

What's the difference between Digicel Play and TVWAN?

Digicel Play is a television platform. A world of entertainment that includes both Free-to-View and pay TV channels that can be viewed on the Digicel Play Box.

TVWAN is just one of the channels you will be able to watch once you have purchased your Digicel Play Box. TVWAN has local production tha produces local programs, news and sports from all around the country

To view other programs, you will need to purchase a Digicel Play plan.

What channels can I expect to see on DIGICEL PLAY?

DIGICEL PLAY has 37 of the worlds best TV channels including HBO, ESPN, MTV Live, Premier League, Nickelodeon, CI, BBC, Nat Geo Wild and more. The best Sports, News, Movies and Family Entertainment line up in PNG. Full on entertainment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Will I be able to access DIGICEL PLAY in a rural area?

Yes, you will be able to access DIGICEL PLAY in a rural area - but only if you have a TV, Digicel Play Box and a satellite dish. If you are unsure about your needs just contact our Customer Care Service on 180 1515 or talk to your local Digicel Play in-store Specialist, who will assess your situation and provide advice on what's required to get you connected. Your Digicel Play in-store Specialist will also contact our local Installation Partner and arrange installation on site - at a time that best suits you.

Can I view DIGICEL PLAY on a normal (standard definition) TV?

Yes you can. Several of our channels including TVWAN and TVWAN Sports HD are transmitted in High Definition. Rest assured, you will have no trouble at all viewing TVWAN - or any of the other Digicel Play channels on offer - on a standard definition or analogue TV.

What is the difference between a normal (SD) TV and a digital (HD) TV?

Having a digital TV will allow you to see all your favourite shows on TVWAN in a clearer resolution than a standard definition or analogue TV.

What is high definition?

Programs that have been shot in high definition (HD) look and sound extraordinary. You will honestly be amazed at how sharp the images appear - totally enhancing your TV experience.

How much will the Digicel Play Box cost?

The Digicel Play Box will cost K225 - available now at your participating Digicel Play store.

How do I pay for the packages?

Dial *515# and follow the step by step instructions we will send to your phone.

How do I pay for the packages?

LikLik Package (10 Channels)

  • 14 days plan = K18
  • 30 days plan = K30

Famili Package (22 Channels)

  • 14 days plan = K35
  • 30 days plan = K65

Supa Package (32 Channels) - Currently purchased at promotional price

  • 1 day plan = K12
  • 7 days plan = K25
  • 14 days plan = K45
  • 30 days plan = K75

How long will I have to wait for my package to be activated?

Just 30 minutes - enough time to make a bowl of popcorn and call the neighbours over to share the experience.

If I accidently subscribe to the wrong package am I able to rectify this?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Please ensure you select the correct plan that you want before confirming subscribtion.